One on One

Friend --

Over the next two months, Organizing for America volunteers like you will talk to millions of voters about what's at stake this fall.

Our Vote 2010 goals are ambitious -- but meeting them is the only way President Obama will be able to continue moving our country forward with strong allies in Congress.

We know these one-on-one conversations are incredibly effective. In 2008, volunteers like you turned out millions of voters -- many for the first time. And in our increasingly fractured digital environment -- when so much competes for our time and attention -- conversations between friends, family members, and neighbors remain the most trusted and impactful method of political persuasion.

I have a tremendous amount of confidence in this strategy -- and you -- because I saw how it changed politics in 2008. You connected personally with more voters than any campaign in history -- and we won.

This year, the strategy is the same.

That's why we've put together resources to guide you in your conversations with voters this fall. It's time to get back out there and deliver our message again.

Check out these resources and gear up for election season.

Get ready to talk to voters: Start here

Now and over the next 51 days, President Obama is forcefully taking on the Republicans and making this case to voters in cities across the country.

But he can't deliver this message alone.

Republicans are desperately trying to take over Congress by threatening to repeal the historic changes we've achieved together. That's it. Even if they weren't funded largely by special interests, theirs would be one of the most cynical campaigns I've seen in my decades of working in politics.

We know what Republicans will do if they win back control. Their ideas -- out of touch and favoring special interests -- reveal not only an astonishing lack of understanding of the challenges facing middle-class families, but a party that can define itself only in its united opposition to progress. Returning to Bush administration policies that drove our economy into a recession is not leadership -- it's negligence.

Over the last year and a half, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have stabilized our financial system, ended insurance company abuses, invested in private sector jobs, cut taxes for middle-class families, and established the strongest consumer financial protections in history.

Republicans stood on the sidelines and said "no."

A party that refuses to participate in tackling the enormous challenges facing our country does not deserve to lead.

You know this. I know this. Now let's get out there and tell our communities.

Please print out these resources for your reference this fall:


David Plouffe

P.S. -- Exciting news: This month and next, we're holding five major Moving America Forward Organizing Rallies with President Obama in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, and a special Commit to Vote Tele-Town Hall. Click here for more details.