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Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What`s a sundial in the shade?

Benjamin Frankiln

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Quantitative Time vs Qualitative Time

One way of describing the 80/20 rule will be to 'achieve more by doing less'. Often, the term 'quality time' is associated with time spent

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Routine Decisions

Routine decisions are day-to-day decisions which do not usually have a large impact on the organisation. They are stereotyped and do not usually

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Episodic, Semantic and Factual memory - Physiology of Human mind.

Episodic Memory and Semantic memory are the two types of long term memory that falls under declarative memory.

Episodic Memory is can be explained in simple terms as

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Decision Tree

Decision tree can be defined as a tool to support decision made. This is usually in the form of tree like graph or model that

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Basics of Systematic Thinking

As in society, human beings influence and interacts with each other for their existence and survival, similarly in the natural environmental set up various basic and fundamental elements like, water, plants, air, animals and association

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