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Necessity is the mother of invention.


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Why are Decisions Necessary?

The need for a decision is triggered by a change of some kind; either a problem has occurred or an opportunity has been identified.

Once the need for a decision has

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Motivation as a driver for success in learning

A number of studies have been conducted to measure the conditions and factors that lead to success in learning, which is understood as an accomplishment

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The Basics of Systemic Thinking

Systemic thinking is the practise of considering operations as a whole and not as individual actions or processes. A simple way of thinking about this is to

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Problem Analysis and Conclusions

Analysis of a problem can be fairly straightforward if one uses a systematic approach to problem solving. This applies to all problems, no matter what their nature.

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Basics of Systematic Thinking

As in society, human beings influence and interacts with each other for their existence and survival, similarly in the natural environmental set up various basic and fundamental elements like, water, plants, air, animals and association

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