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Aufblühen - Nin

Und der Tag kam, an dem das Risiko festsitzend in einer Knospe zu bleiben, schmerzhafter war als das notwendige Risiko aufzublühen.

Anais Nin

Cross-Cultural Skills

Weak Organizational Structures

A weak organizational culture on the other hand refers to a freestyle form. Here people are defined with their own individual values and beliefs which are loosely coupled with the organizational values and are different across different individuals.

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Stereotypes - Dangers and Boons

Stereotypes hold a peculiar place in our society.  The word has particularly negative connotations to most people.  Stereotypes are based on the 'normal' or 'most easily observed' characteristics.

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Value Creation in Organizations

Creating values in organization introduction:

Each and every business organization has certain ethics in they business. The value of the organization totally depends on the service provided by them to their customers.

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Understanding Factors That Affect Cross Cultural Operations

What Cultural Conditions Necessary for Patronage?

Indeed, cultures where strong vertical dependency can be seen are prone to this kind of relationship. This also means that the patronage system thrives when there are high power distances. What cultural conditions necessary for patronage aside from vertical dependency?

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Mechanistic, centralized and organic Structures II

Organic structure on the other hand is an arrangement which allows for change within it always, change in roles and processes in order to accommodate the changes in the environment. The changes could be internal or external.

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