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Aufblühen - Nin

Und der Tag kam, an dem das Risiko festsitzend in einer Knospe zu bleiben, schmerzhafter war als das notwendige Risiko aufzublühen.

Anais Nin

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis


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Die Entwicklungspsychologie wendet unterschiedliche Routinen an, um zu ihren Wissenschaftsresultaten zu kommen. Entscheidend ist derbei, dass zufolge geeigneter Indienstnahme größtmögliche Unbefangenheit erzielt wird.

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Time Structuring and Perception II

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This technique recognizes that one is in fact in communication with the subconscious, and is based on this, rather than physical tapping on select meridian points, as with EFT.
BSFF also uses techniques like muscle-testing, borrowed from NLP, to determine if the treatment has worked or further treatment is needed.

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Self-Coaching and Self-Analysis III

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Don't put them in a position where they would need strength in an area where they are weak; ou are only setting them up for failure. if you need somebody in a position which would expose weaknesse, make him part of a team, where peoples strengths would complement each other.

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Games People Play - Texas Two Step II

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In the Psychological Mind-Game, both parties begin the communication in the Adult Role, or at least from the same Ego State. In the immediate conversation cited above, the opening exchange was probably fairly superficial, most likely characterized as a Reciprocal Transaction in which both parties communicate at a superficial level from the same ego state.

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Inner Search I

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Time is very important to human beings. We have need to structure time: to fill our time in different ways. One of the worst ways to treat anybody is to deprive them of all sensory input and to leave them with no way of filling the time available to them. Even withdrawal which might seem to be a period where we do nothing is deceptive in this regard, Rather than doing nothing we are actually engaged in a process of introspection.

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