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Haben, tun - Peck

Was zählt, ist nicht das, was wir im Leben haben sondern das, was wir  
mit den Dingen tun, die wir im Leben haben.
Gregory Peck

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Understanding Child Ego

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The first image that comes to mind when one talks of childhood is of carefree, happy and sometimes mischievous kid who lives in an idealistic and innocent world. It is true for most of the people as we all seem to have more or less the same childhood. Hence Berne calls such an ego of individual who has had a normal childhood as Natural Child.

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Time structuring – Constructive free Time vs passing of Time

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Time structuring is simply a plan or budget for your time. Budgets should include a "blow money" or entertainment category for enjoyment. Likewise, your time structure should include planned free time. Free time is defined as time you plan to use for fun, pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment. Passing of time is when you are between planned activities.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Creative Development I

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Let's go fly a kite! And off soars the Child Ego state, or your "inner child", on the end of a string. One of the main goals of transactional analysis is to look closely at the Child dancing on the end of the string, analyze the motivation for the behavior, and seek to improve his or her life. There is every possibility the kite-flyer may be an adult behaving in their Child Ego state, which makes the process of analysis even more interesting.

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The Role of Sensuality and Sexuality I

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Sexuality and sensuality are two closely related concepts. Sexuality involves the mechanics of sex and emotions such as lust. Sensuality involves attraction, arousal, pleasure and joy. Many taboos revolve around sexuality, sensuality or both.

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Script of Life - An Attempt II

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Perhaps where the life script is most influential though is in the methodologies chosen to achieve our dreams, many goals are human at heart in that they are commonly found throughout many cultures, the methods by which we achieve them are hugely variant however. For example, many strive to leave a legacy, yet there are a million different ways to do this.

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