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Begeisterung - Thoreau

Niemand ist älter als diejenigen, die Begeisterung hinter sich gelassen haben.

Henry David Thoreau

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Quantitative Time vs Qualitative Time

One way of describing the 80/20 rule will be to 'achieve more by doing less'. Often, the term 'quality time' is associated with time spent

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Routine Decisions

Routine decisions are day-to-day decisions which do not usually have a large impact on the organisation. They are stereotyped and do not usually

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Goal Formulation

In any successful venture, business or sporting activity, goal formulation is always the key. This is a process that is followed

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Networks are defined as computers and hardware components that are interconnected by communication channels with the aim of sharing information and resources. Networks are classified depending on many characteristicslike the medium used for data transmission, communication modes applied, scope, scale as well as topology. Communication protocols define principles and forms of transmitting information in a network.

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Exploitation of own and others' ideas

Business owners know that if they are not moving forward, they are obviously moving backwards. There is no stagnant phase in business. So is your career. If one is not constantly innovating & generating new ideas to improve, your career is moving backwards. We are all as creative as we think we are. Lack of creativity is just lack of willingness to try.

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