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Charakterstärke - Keller

Charakterstärke entwickelt sich nicht in aller Stille oder mit Leichtigkeit . Der Geist wird nur durch Erfahrungen der Prüfung und des Leidens gestählt, Ehrgeiz geweckt und Erfolge erzielt.

Helen Keller

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6 Factors That Inhibit Memorization

Collecting and processing information depends on various factors such as material available and its presentation. The ability to retain information

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Time Management, Fatigue and Recuperation

Life today is a whirlwind of committments. Pressures at the workplace, deadlines to follow, presentations to

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5 popular reading techniques

Whether its reading the requirements from your boss, or reading some online movie review, or some technical blog, or some article about a gadget, or the news bulletin that you read periodically, all of us do reading in some for or the other. Let have a look

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Learning - A natural Gift

Learning or knowledge gaining is the natural tendency of an human that can make him/her to identify things from an existing

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Networks are defined as computers and hardware components that are interconnected by communication channels with the aim of sharing information and resources. Networks are classified depending on many characteristicslike the medium used for data transmission, communication modes applied, scope, scale as well as topology. Communication protocols define principles and forms of transmitting information in a network.

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