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Security - Ford

If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security a man can have in this world is a reseve of knowledge, experience and ability.

Henry Ford

Verstehen - Lernen - Merken

Learning - A natural Gift

Learning or knowledge gaining is the natural tendency of an human that can make him/her to identify things from an existing

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The Basics of Systemic Thinking

Systemic thinking is the practise of considering operations as a whole and not as individual actions or processes. A simple way of thinking about this is to

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Developing Goals

Development of goals, whether long or short term, is a focused way of showing the future expectations of an organization and the specific organizational targets that need to be achieved within a specific time. Indeed, development of goals

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Relation of Goals to another

Goals are targets that an organization intends to achieve at a future time period. Goals can be short or long term depending

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Goal Formulation

In any successful venture, business or sporting activity, goal formulation is always the key. This is a process that is followed

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