Networks are defined as computers and hardware components that are interconnected by communication channels with the aim of sharing information and resources. Networks are classified depending on many characteristicslike the medium used for data transmission, communication modes applied, scope, scale as well as topology. Communication protocols define principles and forms of transmitting information in a network.

Some of the widely known protocols include Ethernet, internet suite as well as hardware and link layer standards that are found in networks found locally like LAN. Networking mostly depends majorly on different fields, some of them include computer science and engineering; telecommunication and IT, and lastly electrical and electronic engineering.

In history, before invention of computer networks that depends mainly on telecommunication systems, communication in computers was being done by people who used to carry information between them. However, in the current times, the main mode of communication is computer networks. Communication in the current times has increased significantly as a result of advanced computer networks. This increment can be measured by the number of increasing users starting from studies to home usage.

Computer networks have been used particularly in facilitating communication, as an effect, individuals are communicating in an effective and efficient way through emails, video conferencing among others. Networks have also been applied in information and resource sharing. This is because; users who are authorized can access information and resources stored in another computer through networks.

On the other hand, computer networks have brought lots of threats to their users. For instance, networks are being used by hackers in deploying computer viruses on these devices that are connected to different networks. Also, there have been instances where other technologies have been interfered with by networks.

This is particularly when communication power lines are used, as they have interfered with technologies like radio communications. Though networks are good, but they need skills and knowledge in setting them up, as there are complex networks that apart from being difficult to set up, they are also very costly in setting them up. Nevertheless, the world would not have been where it is, without networks. So, thanks to network developers.