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Basics of Self-Coaching

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Today, many professionals consider self-coaching to be a key component of personal growth and development. As corporate and personal budgets tighten, independent performance coaches are not always feasible. Instead, more people are beginning to research ways to coach and develop themselves without outside assistance.

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An Exercise to Self-compassion

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Compassion, individually, is a really special trinket for sustainability. This is certainly much more matched with the current volatile arena of ours. The same fabric of a typical Universe is infused with compassion. It's the binding force that harmonizes and sustains Existence.

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Responsionsfähigkeit und Kurzzeitgedächtnis

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Responsionsfähigkeit und Kurzzeitgedächtnis nehmen mit höherem Alter tendenziell ab. Die Intensität dieser Leistungsverringerung wird jedoch wie im Zuge intellektueller Kompetenzen von der Praxis, von der sozioökonomischen wie noch der gesundheitlichen Situation der Person überlagert. Vielmals sind jene Umstände nicht zuletzt in diesem Zusammenhang wirksamer

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Persönliche und berufliche Veränderungsprozesse - 3 - Gesprächsergebnisse

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(fortgesetzt von hier ...)

Lord, it's hard to be humble?

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One of the biggest downfalls of coaching one's self into humility, is often the realization that you can't actually coach yourself into humility. The truth is, you have to be humbled, and being humbled is not often a pleasant experience.

The reality is that most people do not want to be humbled. People want to be confident.

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