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Lehrer, Schüler - Buddhismus

Wenn der Schüler bereit ist, erscheint der Lehrer.

Buddhistisches Sprichwort

Verstehen - Lernen - Merken

Building a Theoretical Model

The purpose of building a model of a is to simplify and mimic a real-life situation so that appropriate action may be taken.

Model building

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Exploitation of own and others' ideas

Business owners know that if they are not moving forward, they are obviously moving backwards. There is no stagnant phase in business. So is your career. If one is not constantly innovating & generating new ideas to improve, your career is moving backwards. We are all as creative as we think we are. Lack of creativity is just lack of willingness to try.

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The Basics of Systemic Thinking

Systemic thinking is the practise of considering operations as a whole and not as individual actions or processes. A simple way of thinking about this is to

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Problem Analysis and Conclusions

Analysis of a problem can be fairly straightforward if one uses a systematic approach to problem solving. This applies to all problems, no matter what their nature.

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Relation of Goals to another

Goals are targets that an organization intends to achieve at a future time period. Goals can be short or long term depending

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