Learning - A natural Gift

Learning or knowledge gaining is the natural tendency of an human that can make him/her to identify things from an existing

sources to choose a suitable response to an environment. The environment can be of anything like a static ( fixed environments where the  element of source is stable and does not move ) such as blackboard , pages , websites and even this article.

The other kind of environment that always keeps on changing and the coined term is called dynamic environment. Such environment are very difficult to manage when compared to the static environment.

Coming to the types of learning , it can be classified to three broad categories under which other techniques of learning will fall. The following are the types through which someone would learn things that is following are the means through which a person can put things in to his or her mind.

Following are the four primary types of learning

1. Visual Learners :

They analyze the knowledge that surrounds them through their sense of sight that is by seeing and visualizing. The visual learners are characterized by fast talking capacity , impatience, interrupt creators. They love demonstrative teachings.

2. Auditory Learners :

They learn by listening and verbalizing the sounds of nature or demonstration or lectures. Their characteristics are slow talkers , good natural listeners , narrow linear thought that make them to do simplest understanding of knowledge.

3. Read - Write Learners :

They are very much facinated in learning be reading and writing in all forms.They always prefer the informations to be presented in the for of texts especially lists. They are good at grabbing the theme of an article just like how you understand this article!!

4. Kinesthetic Learners :

They are bit different from the previous types of learners. They try to learn by doing , solving the real life problems , trying the method of trial and error. They use each of their senses to learn.