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Value of time - Theophrastus

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.


Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Inner Search II

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The point of this is that one is trying to find the beliefs and experiences which have resulted in problems with your life script. A good TA therapist can help with this process by asking questions which can lead to the identification of causal incidents, but many people do this for themselves.

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Understanding Child Ego

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The first image that comes to mind when one talks of childhood is of carefree, happy and sometimes mischievous kid who lives in an idealistic and innocent world. It is true for most of the people as we all seem to have more or less the same childhood. Hence Berne calls such an ego of individual who has had a normal childhood as Natural Child.

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Child - Ego and Conscious Phantasy II

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The whole thrust of the Abraham-Hicks teachings which are so popular today depend on this. Imagine what you want and allow it to happen. This is setting your unfettered imagination to work and then getting your conscious mind out of the way so that your subconscious can actualize it for you.

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Identity vs Role Confusion, Sexuality

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During the identity vs role-confusion stage, young adults will determine their personally held beliefs, their ideals, their goals and desires. During identity vs role-confusion or the diffusion phase in transactional analysis, the individual becomes concerned about how they appear to others.

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Activating the Child - Ego III

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A legitimate bout with illness such as a heart attack or stroke rightfully requires care by family members or medical professionals. Yet there is a risk that caregivers then continue their view of the patient as “not OK” despite their recovery. A mother who survived a broken hip may find her children refusing to let her do anything in the house, where assistants and maids now intrude in her space.

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