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Erfolg - Emerson

Nichts Großes wurde jemals ohne Begeisterung erreicht.

Ralph Emerson

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Activating the Child - Ego III

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A legitimate bout with illness such as a heart attack or stroke rightfully requires care by family members or medical professionals. Yet there is a risk that caregivers then continue their view of the patient as “not OK” despite their recovery. A mother who survived a broken hip may find her children refusing to let her do anything in the house, where assistants and maids now intrude in her space.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Sexual Identity II

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It was Immanuel Kant who proposed that taboos, and thus personality and identity, could be liberated by Aufklarung, or "Enlightenment". Kant would argue that taboos are nothing more than self-imposed immaturity, resulting not first from a lack of cognitive abilities or understanding, but from a lack of the moral courage to exercise one's own thinking, reason, and wisdom independently from the influence of others.

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Inner Search II

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The point of this is that one is trying to find the beliefs and experiences which have resulted in problems with your life script. A good TA therapist can help with this process by asking questions which can lead to the identification of causal incidents, but many people do this for themselves.

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Script of Life - An Attempt I

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Within Transactional Analysis there is the idea of a life script, the life script refers to the context we gave to life as a child which then continues to impact upon us as adults. The psychologist Eric Berne, famed within the Transactional Analysis school postulated that psychic imbalance and dysfunction is the result of a poorly scripted set of assumptions about life that were formed during our childhood.

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Identity vs Role Confusion, Sexuality

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During the identity vs role-confusion stage, young adults will determine their personally held beliefs, their ideals, their goals and desires. During identity vs role-confusion or the diffusion phase in transactional analysis, the individual becomes concerned about how they appear to others.

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