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Key - Glasgow

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it open.

Arnold Glasgow

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Natural Child-ego I

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The natural child-ego is the essence of a child. It is a raw, wild and uninhibited bundle of emotion. The emotions range from curiosity to anger to joy. Interests are fleeting but can be deep when held. However, children are a stream of ideas and entities with a short attention span. Thus the child-ego and children in general naturally bounce from plaything to activity to novelty.

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The Role of Sensuality and Sexuality I

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Sexuality and sensuality are two closely related concepts. Sexuality involves the mechanics of sex and emotions such as lust. Sensuality involves attraction, arousal, pleasure and joy. Many taboos revolve around sexuality, sensuality or both.

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Activating the Child - Ego II

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•    Worries

Making decisions based on fear commonly results in the wrong decision being made. This is why demagogues create a climate of fear before presenting a solution to the crowd. In a calm, logical debate, the idea would be shot down due to the risk, the cost or the morality. In a worried frenzy, the offered solution is accepted with little thought at all because it will make the problem and, hopefully, the fear go away.

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Influence of Upbringing and Education I

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Influence of upbringing/education when tolerating the rules

Rules can be accepted as necessary for someone’s safety. Boundaries can even be a sign of love and concern, such as parents strictly enforcing a “don’t touch the stove” rule. The parents care enough to create rules for the child’s safety and then enforce it, allowing children to know that everything that is permitted is safe.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Sexual Identity I

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The music begins, and a group of boys stands on one side of the dance floor, and a group of girls. on the other. The boys dare one another to ask someone dance, and the girls wonder if anyone will ask them to dance. They have talked about the dance all week, dreamed about the dance all week, plotted and planned the dance all week, and yet there are so many stomachs tied up in knots about the dance, it makes one wonder; why dance at all?

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