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Sie können, weil sie denken sie können.


Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Inner Search I

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Time is very important to human beings. We have need to structure time: to fill our time in different ways. One of the worst ways to treat anybody is to deprive them of all sensory input and to leave them with no way of filling the time available to them. Even withdrawal which might seem to be a period where we do nothing is deceptive in this regard, Rather than doing nothing we are actually engaged in a process of introspection.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Sexual Identity II

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It was Immanuel Kant who proposed that taboos, and thus personality and identity, could be liberated by Aufklarung, or "Enlightenment". Kant would argue that taboos are nothing more than self-imposed immaturity, resulting not first from a lack of cognitive abilities or understanding, but from a lack of the moral courage to exercise one's own thinking, reason, and wisdom independently from the influence of others.

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The Glittering Traits of Child Ego

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All the main characteristics associated with Child are not always considered helpful or beneficial in adult life and many people repress their Child state so that they may avoid unnecessary trouble and complication from their life. Such people believe that adult is able to solve their routine issues with transactions and when it does not work there is Parent to help and hence they may stay I control at all times.

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Influences in Child Ego Development

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Child ego is a strong impulsive state that you experience every now and then, but what needs to be examined is the true nature of that Child and how it got shaped so. Despite the fact that every Child has his own personality which has very individualistic characteristics, yet the role of environment and genes cannot be denied.

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Affektive Dynamik und Intelligenz-Kinder

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Sowie außerdem nicht von einer mit der raschen physischen Dynamik in Erscheinung tretenden zudem raschen intellektuellen Evolution gesprochen werden kann, dergestalt zeigen sich dennoch weiters keine Anhaltspunkte für eine Intelligenzminderung bei den zeitgenössischen Heranwachsenden —

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