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Value - Wells

Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with.

Bob Wells

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

The Glittering Traits of Child Ego

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All the main characteristics associated with Child are not always considered helpful or beneficial in adult life and many people repress their Child state so that they may avoid unnecessary trouble and complication from their life. Such people believe that adult is able to solve their routine issues with transactions and when it does not work there is Parent to help and hence they may stay I control at all times.

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Defekte und Fehler-Erbinformation

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Lebenskräftig in den besten Jahren

Vermöge des richtigen Lebensstils lässt sich der Alterungsprozess akzentuiert entschleunigen und um Jahre parieren.

Bis heute sind manchmal Gerüchte von überhaupt extrem langlebigen Menschen im Umlauf. Insbesondere in den Anden, im Kaukasusund anderen Landkreisen machen mit als Lebensbereiche sehr alter Mitmenschen Headlines.

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Time Structuring in the Work Place I

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Time structuring begins with a schedule one follows for each day of the week. However, work-time analysis reviews how someone spends the time set aside for work. Work time analysis can take a short amount of time but allows managers to better understand how long employee tasks actually take.

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Structuring Time - Free Time

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No one can say how much time one has in life, but we know that it is limited, it is only so much. Time structuring can improve our efficiency in using the time we have and the quality of our time with others.

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Time Structuring and Perception II

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This technique recognizes that one is in fact in communication with the subconscious, and is based on this, rather than physical tapping on select meridian points, as with EFT.
BSFF also uses techniques like muscle-testing, borrowed from NLP, to determine if the treatment has worked or further treatment is needed.

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