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Attitude - Nightingale

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.

Earl Nightingale

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Identity vs Role Confusion, Sexuality

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During the identity vs role-confusion stage, young adults will determine their personally held beliefs, their ideals, their goals and desires. During identity vs role-confusion or the diffusion phase in transactional analysis, the individual becomes concerned about how they appear to others.

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TA, Performance and Communication

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Every human operates from a three-tier personality status or ego state, each level or ego state constantly interfering with the other at a very subtle level. Unless one is very tuned to oneself, it is difficult to understand the influences of the various ego states in operation during interpersonal communication.

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Time Structuring and Perception I

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Transactional analysis is a very powerful tool for self-coaching. In understanding oneself and modifying one's behavior, awareness and vigilance.

Awareness means that one should understand and be able to recognize patterns of behavior with predetermined endings, in order to be able to take avoiding action, if necessary.

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Time Structuring in the Work Place II

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•    Review the work logs. Work is often assigned based on how long it is expected to take. Are fifteen minute reports taking an hour to complete? Is a one hour drawing update taking all day to finish due to interruptions? If there is a large discrepancy between expected time and actual time to complete,

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Time Structuring – Traps

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Time structuring tactics will maximize your productive time. Time structuring tricks will help keep work confined to its schedule. Time structuring traps are to be avoided.

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