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Elizabeth Kenny

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

An Attempt on Self - Coaching and TA

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Before discussing self coaching based on transaction analysis, we should know what self coaching is actually meant by and what is transaction analysis and how they are helpful in creative development of a child and how they can recognize a little professor in him.

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Inner Search II

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The point of this is that one is trying to find the beliefs and experiences which have resulted in problems with your life script. A good TA therapist can help with this process by asking questions which can lead to the identification of causal incidents, but many people do this for themselves.

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Structuring Time - Free Time

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No one can say how much time one has in life, but we know that it is limited, it is only so much. Time structuring can improve our efficiency in using the time we have and the quality of our time with others.

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Transaction Analysis – In a Nutshell

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Transaction analysis is a theory presented by Eric Berne to help people to improve their interaction or communication which he calls transactions. It aims to improve the transactions by providing an insight into the personality structure of every individual which Berne has explained through his ‘Parent-Adult-Child’ model (PAC).

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Self-Coaching and Self-Analysis I

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Transactional is suitable for self analysis and application of its concepts to yourself. It therefore makes sense that you aren’t necessarily dependant on a therapist; that in fact you can make a contract with yourself and monitor progress yourself. It would be best to have some independent source to confirm the contract and we would suggest you write it down.

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