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Samuel Goldwyn

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Self-Coaching and Self-Analysis II

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It may be very tricky to determine some suitable measure, but this step could make the difference between success and failure. On the other hand, you are almost sure to achieve some progress, and persistence might take you as far as you need to go. But if you don’t have some measure, you will need to rely on a subjective “feeling as to progress and this would be very unreliable.

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Child - Ego and Conscious Phantasy II

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The whole thrust of the Abraham-Hicks teachings which are so popular today depend on this. Imagine what you want and allow it to happen. This is setting your unfettered imagination to work and then getting your conscious mind out of the way so that your subconscious can actualize it for you.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Sexual Identity II

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It was Immanuel Kant who proposed that taboos, and thus personality and identity, could be liberated by Aufklarung, or "Enlightenment". Kant would argue that taboos are nothing more than self-imposed immaturity, resulting not first from a lack of cognitive abilities or understanding, but from a lack of the moral courage to exercise one's own thinking, reason, and wisdom independently from the influence of others.

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Significance of the Natural Child I

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The Natural Child ego is the initial ego state of any human being. In this state the person is loving, spontaneous, creative, curious, intuitive, honest and uninhibited. The Natural Child enjoys life and expresses emotion freely, whether those are feelings of love, sadness, anger, fear or joy.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Creative Development II

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Creative inhibition or impediments to this creative development may come in the form of "negative strokes", a Parent Ego operating from a Critical Parent posture, or from latent inhibition. Latent inhibition is the natural ability to resist or "tune out" a greater volume of stimulus than the person can handle.  For example, latent inhibition enables a person to "tune out" a faucet that drips to distraction, or a car left idling in the street.

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