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Inner Search II

The point of this is that one is trying to find the beliefs and experiences which have resulted in problems with your life script. A good TA therapist can help with this process by asking questions which can lead to the identification of causal incidents, but many people do this for themselves.

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Human Development - Determinants I

Ego is a characteristic of human beings which starts establishing its hold on a person from very early childhood. Parents used to scolding or spanking their children rarely realize that they are harming the kid’s self-esteem, which if developed properly, can be the positive version of ego. Children should be brought up in an encouraging environment where they are free to express their views and consider it their right to get answers to all kinds of questions they have.

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An Attempt on Self - Coaching and TA

Before discussing self coaching based on transaction analysis, we should know what self coaching is actually meant by and what is transaction analysis and how they are helpful in creative development of a child and how they can recognize a little professor in him.

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Human Development - Determinants II

Children having opposite sex siblings have less issues understanding the sexual differences. Single kids are at a disadvantage in this aspect and the responsibility totally lies on the parents to educate them.
In India, this is a serious issue as adults hardly bring this topic in front of the kids. Even the correct words to use for the private parts are not generally conveyed.

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Script of Life - An Attempt I

Within Transactional Analysis there is the idea of a life script, the life script refers to the context we gave to life as a child which then continues to impact upon us as adults. The psychologist Eric Berne, famed within the Transactional Analysis school postulated that psychic imbalance and dysfunction is the result of a poorly scripted set of assumptions about life that were formed during our childhood.

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