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Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Child - Ego Analysis - Sexual Identity I

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The music begins, and a group of boys stands on one side of the dance floor, and a group of girls. on the other. The boys dare one another to ask someone dance, and the girls wonder if anyone will ask them to dance. They have talked about the dance all week, dreamed about the dance all week, plotted and planned the dance all week, and yet there are so many stomachs tied up in knots about the dance, it makes one wonder; why dance at all?

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Script of Life - An Attempt II

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Perhaps where the life script is most influential though is in the methodologies chosen to achieve our dreams, many goals are human at heart in that they are commonly found throughout many cultures, the methods by which we achieve them are hugely variant however. For example, many strive to leave a legacy, yet there are a million different ways to do this.

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Inner Search II

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The point of this is that one is trying to find the beliefs and experiences which have resulted in problems with your life script. A good TA therapist can help with this process by asking questions which can lead to the identification of causal incidents, but many people do this for themselves.

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An Attempt on Self - Coaching and TA

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Before discussing self coaching based on transaction analysis, we should know what self coaching is actually meant by and what is transaction analysis and how they are helpful in creative development of a child and how they can recognize a little professor in him.

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Transaction Analysis – In a Nutshell

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Transaction analysis is a theory presented by Eric Berne to help people to improve their interaction or communication which he calls transactions. It aims to improve the transactions by providing an insight into the personality structure of every individual which Berne has explained through his ‘Parent-Adult-Child’ model (PAC).

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