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Treue - Shakespeare

Vor allem Dir selbst sei treu.

William Shakespeare

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Child - Ego Analysis - Creative Development I

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Let's go fly a kite! And off soars the Child Ego state, or your "inner child", on the end of a string. One of the main goals of transactional analysis is to look closely at the Child dancing on the end of the string, analyze the motivation for the behavior, and seek to improve his or her life. There is every possibility the kite-flyer may be an adult behaving in their Child Ego state, which makes the process of analysis even more interesting.

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Script of Life - An Attempt II

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Perhaps where the life script is most influential though is in the methodologies chosen to achieve our dreams, many goals are human at heart in that they are commonly found throughout many cultures, the methods by which we achieve them are hugely variant however. For example, many strive to leave a legacy, yet there are a million different ways to do this.

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The Glittering Traits of Child Ego

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All the main characteristics associated with Child are not always considered helpful or beneficial in adult life and many people repress their Child state so that they may avoid unnecessary trouble and complication from their life. Such people believe that adult is able to solve their routine issues with transactions and when it does not work there is Parent to help and hence they may stay I control at all times.

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Script of Life - An Attempt I

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Within Transactional Analysis there is the idea of a life script, the life script refers to the context we gave to life as a child which then continues to impact upon us as adults. The psychologist Eric Berne, famed within the Transactional Analysis school postulated that psychic imbalance and dysfunction is the result of a poorly scripted set of assumptions about life that were formed during our childhood.

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Identity vs Role Confusion, Sexuality

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During the identity vs role-confusion stage, young adults will determine their personally held beliefs, their ideals, their goals and desires. During identity vs role-confusion or the diffusion phase in transactional analysis, the individual becomes concerned about how they appear to others.

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