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Bedürfnisse, Verzicht - Gandhi

Wahre Zivilisation besteht nicht in der Vervielfachung der Bedürfnisse, sondern in freiwilliger, wohlüberlegter Einschränkung der Wünsche.

Mahatma Gandhi

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Time Structuring, Berne, Hunger

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Time structuring - Originally called by Dr. Eric Berne as "time theory". To understand Berne's idea of time structuring,we must understand about the hunger he identifies. The hunger he implies is the need/drives.It is also referred as stimulus hunger or sensation hunger.Social interaction is in itself is a gratification of sensation hunger.

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TA, Performance and Communication

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Every human operates from a three-tier personality status or ego state, each level or ego state constantly interfering with the other at a very subtle level. Unless one is very tuned to oneself, it is difficult to understand the influences of the various ego states in operation during interpersonal communication.

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Time Structuring in the Work Place II

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•    Review the work logs. Work is often assigned based on how long it is expected to take. Are fifteen minute reports taking an hour to complete? Is a one hour drawing update taking all day to finish due to interruptions? If there is a large discrepancy between expected time and actual time to complete,

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Time Structuring in the Work Place I

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Time structuring begins with a schedule one follows for each day of the week. However, work-time analysis reviews how someone spends the time set aside for work. Work time analysis can take a short amount of time but allows managers to better understand how long employee tasks actually take.

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Time Structuring and Perception II

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This technique recognizes that one is in fact in communication with the subconscious, and is based on this, rather than physical tapping on select meridian points, as with EFT.
BSFF also uses techniques like muscle-testing, borrowed from NLP, to determine if the treatment has worked or further treatment is needed.

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