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Arbeit - Spender

'Was Du heute kannst besorgen, verschiebe nicht auf morgen.' Unter dem Einfluss dieser ekelhaften Moral lasse ich die Arbeit von morgen ständig in 'heute' hereinspülen, und mache heute unter Mühen und Nervosität das, was ich morgen schnell und einfach erledigen könnte.

J.A. Spender

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Time Structuring and Perception I

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Transactional analysis is a very powerful tool for self-coaching. In understanding oneself and modifying one's behavior, awareness and vigilance.

Awareness means that one should understand and be able to recognize patterns of behavior with predetermined endings, in order to be able to take avoiding action, if necessary.

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Time Structuring and Perception III

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When we look further into this question of time, we have all experienced the phenomenon of subjective time, with a clock usefully representing objective time. “The watched pot never boils”, says an old idiomatic expression. This is subjective time – an anticipated event seems to take much longer to happen,

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Self-Coaching and Self-Analysis III

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Don't put them in a position where they would need strength in an area where they are weak; ou are only setting them up for failure. if you need somebody in a position which would expose weaknesse, make him part of a team, where peoples strengths would complement each other.

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Time Structuring – Traps

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Time structuring tactics will maximize your productive time. Time structuring tricks will help keep work confined to its schedule. Time structuring traps are to be avoided.

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The Role of Phantasy in developing Life Scripts II

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However, such a generated life script does not supplant an existing life script. They simply exist side-by-side. The mind can accommodate many different and contradictory beliefs simultaneously. The old life script will still be there although you may be less aware of it. And any self-defeating that the new script was designed to replace may persist.

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