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Zu keinem Zeitpunkt gilt: 'Nun, jetzt bin ich erfolgreich. Ich kann mir gut ein Nickerchen erlauben.'

Carrie Fisher

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Structuring of Child Ego

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There is no doubt that a human personality is a combined product of nature and nurture, meaning that although one is born with a set of qualities and trait: the nature, and the environment in which those qualities flourish or diminish leas to the formation of the personality. Similar is the case of ego development as described by transaction analysts.

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Time Structuring and Perception III

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When we look further into this question of time, we have all experienced the phenomenon of subjective time, with a clock usefully representing objective time. “The watched pot never boils”, says an old idiomatic expression. This is subjective time – an anticipated event seems to take much longer to happen,

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Natural Child-ego I

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The natural child-ego is the essence of a child. It is a raw, wild and uninhibited bundle of emotion. The emotions range from curiosity to anger to joy. Interests are fleeting but can be deep when held. However, children are a stream of ideas and entities with a short attention span. Thus the child-ego and children in general naturally bounce from plaything to activity to novelty.

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Time structuring – Constructive free Time vs passing of Time

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Time structuring is simply a plan or budget for your time. Budgets should include a "blow money" or entertainment category for enjoyment. Likewise, your time structure should include planned free time. Free time is defined as time you plan to use for fun, pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment. Passing of time is when you are between planned activities.

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An Overview of Child Ego

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One of the most important states of the ego as illustrated by Eric Berne is the Child ego state. It is much like Freud’s id in principle but as Bernie deals with the subject of transaction analysis so his definition of ego states is more socio-cognitive than individualistic or subconscious in nature.

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