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The Role of Phantasy in developing Life Scripts II

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However, such a generated life script does not supplant an existing life script. They simply exist side-by-side. The mind can accommodate many different and contradictory beliefs simultaneously. The old life script will still be there although you may be less aware of it. And any self-defeating that the new script was designed to replace may persist.

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Child - Ego Analysis - Creative Development II

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Creative inhibition or impediments to this creative development may come in the form of "negative strokes", a Parent Ego operating from a Critical Parent posture, or from latent inhibition. Latent inhibition is the natural ability to resist or "tune out" a greater volume of stimulus than the person can handle.  For example, latent inhibition enables a person to "tune out" a faucet that drips to distraction, or a car left idling in the street.

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Structuring Time - Free Time

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No one can say how much time one has in life, but we know that it is limited, it is only so much. Time structuring can improve our efficiency in using the time we have and the quality of our time with others.

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Empathie und Anteilnahme

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Anteilnahme schmerzt: Analysen zeigen, dass unterdies das Schmerzgebiet eines Menschen stimuliertt wird, speziell soferner Nahestehende leiden sieht - ein unaufgeforderter Hergang, vermutlich nicht zu steuern. Die höchst "menschliche" Gefühlsbewegung kommt nebenher beileibe nicht nur beim Menschen vor.

Eine kanadische Wissenschaftlergruppierung hat konstatieren, dass auch Mäuse direkte Arten von Verständnis empfinden. Die Forscher spritzten einigen Tieren verdünnte Ethansäure in den Bauch.

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Natural Child-ego II

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Phobias can occur at this stage and remain through adulthood in the child-ego. Children also learn through parental discipline to fear breaking parental commandments. This can result in adults preferring the company of other adults who give their child-ego permission to indulge or have fun. Fear of punishment can drive adults to revert to a fearful child-ego state when confronted with criticism or anger.

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