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Ausbildung, Reichtum - Rohn

Formale Ausbildung sichert den Lebensunterhalt, sich selbst weiterbilden sichert Reichtum.

Jim Rohn

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

An Attempt on Self - Coaching and TA

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Before discussing self coaching based on transaction analysis, we should know what self coaching is actually meant by and what is transaction analysis and how they are helpful in creative development of a child and how they can recognize a little professor in him.

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Structuring of Child Ego

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There is no doubt that a human personality is a combined product of nature and nurture, meaning that although one is born with a set of qualities and trait: the nature, and the environment in which those qualities flourish or diminish leas to the formation of the personality. Similar is the case of ego development as described by transaction analysts.

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Time Structuring and Perception III

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When we look further into this question of time, we have all experienced the phenomenon of subjective time, with a clock usefully representing objective time. “The watched pot never boils”, says an old idiomatic expression. This is subjective time – an anticipated event seems to take much longer to happen,

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Time Structuring and Perception I

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Transactional analysis is a very powerful tool for self-coaching. In understanding oneself and modifying one's behavior, awareness and vigilance.

Awareness means that one should understand and be able to recognize patterns of behavior with predetermined endings, in order to be able to take avoiding action, if necessary.

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Child Ego and Its Kinds

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Child ego as explained by Berne in his theory of transactional analysis includes two main kinds of ego, the natural ego or the natural Child and the adapted ego or the adapted Child. The natural Child is the cheerful, impulsive, carefree and imaginative kid who has had a childhood which allowed him to practice these qualities and hence built a full-fledged personality of his Child which resurfaces every now and then from many different motivational sources even after he has grown up.

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