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Elizabeth Kenny

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Self-Coaching and Self-Analysis I

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Transactional is suitable for self analysis and application of its concepts to yourself. It therefore makes sense that you aren’t necessarily dependant on a therapist; that in fact you can make a contract with yourself and monitor progress yourself. It would be best to have some independent source to confirm the contract and we would suggest you write it down.

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Child - Ego and Conscious Phantasy I

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As any parent knows, fantasy plays an important part in a child’s life. Childhood games are active playing-out of fantasies. Fantasy plays an important part in creativity. Being creative depends on your ability to imagine something different. This is an attribute of the Natural Child ego which is possibly the one most pervasive and important thruout life..

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Activating the Child - Ego I

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Activation of the (seemingly) present-day child-ego occurs when we revert to a childlike state. This does not mean that adults abandon all logic or hide in a corner, sucking their thumb. Activation of the (seemingly) present-day child-ego results in adults making decisions based on emotions, whims, primitive fears, deference to parental figures despite their own opinions or a refusal to think about the consequences.

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Significance of the Natural Child I

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The Natural Child ego is the initial ego state of any human being. In this state the person is loving, spontaneous, creative, curious, intuitive, honest and uninhibited. The Natural Child enjoys life and expresses emotion freely, whether those are feelings of love, sadness, anger, fear or joy.

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Die Entwicklungspsychologie wendet unterschiedliche Prozeduren an, um zu ihren Wissenschaftsergebnissen zu gelangen. Entscheidend ist unterdies, dass mithilfe geeigneter Applikation höchstmögliche Objektivität erzielt wird.

Eine bedeutsame Funktion ist die Verhaltensbeobachtung in der naturgemäßen Konstellation;

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