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Persönlichkeit - Theresa

Persönlichkeit ist ein Sieg, keine Gabe.
Mutter Theresa

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Six Ways to structure Time

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The six ways are: Withdrawal, Ritual, Pastime, Activities, Games and Rackets, Intimacy.

These six ways are classified so, in accordance with the stroke strength with which they are generated. Berne has classified them in the above order exactly for this reason. Thus Intimacy and Games are the kinds with more intense strokes to them than the four earlier classifications of time structuring,

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Understanding the Ego States: Adult-Ego State

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Adult-ego state is one the three main areas of ego-state model and is represented by a middle circle. The adult-ego state is the state when you’re living in the present and in the now. When you are in the adult-ego state, you are living the moment and are aware of all the options which are available to you.

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Archetype Family I

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As childhood life scripts are formed by the age of 5 or 6 years old, and certain aspects originate in infancy, our family dynamic plays a large part in our own personal life scripts. The ideal situation is where all members of the family are loving, with many positive attitudes being formed. The worst is when all members are unloving, with various combinations of loving and unloving possible.

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Life Script, Scenes

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The idea of transaction analysis is a theory of personality and systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and change that has been around since the 1950's. It describes how we all develop into being the people that we are today by going back to the ego-state model, that is to say the Parent-Child-Adult model, from which we draw all our trait characteristics and behavioral patterns.

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Activating the Child - Ego II

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•    Worries

Making decisions based on fear commonly results in the wrong decision being made. This is why demagogues create a climate of fear before presenting a solution to the crowd. In a calm, logical debate, the idea would be shot down due to the risk, the cost or the morality. In a worried frenzy, the offered solution is accepted with little thought at all because it will make the problem and, hopefully, the fear go away.

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