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Lehrer, Schüler - Buddhismus

Wenn der Schüler bereit ist, erscheint der Lehrer.

Buddhistisches Sprichwort

Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis


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Die Entwicklungspsychologie wendet unterschiedliche Prozeduren an, um zu ihren Wissenschaftsergebnissen zu gelangen. Entscheidend ist unterdies, dass mithilfe geeigneter Applikation höchstmögliche Objektivität erzielt wird.

Eine bedeutsame Funktion ist die Verhaltensbeobachtung in der naturgemäßen Konstellation;

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Games People Play - Texas Two Step II

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In the Psychological Mind-Game, both parties begin the communication in the Adult Role, or at least from the same Ego State. In the immediate conversation cited above, the opening exchange was probably fairly superficial, most likely characterized as a Reciprocal Transaction in which both parties communicate at a superficial level from the same ego state.

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Significance of the Natural Child II

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Childhood, just like the rest of Life, is a mix of “good” and “bad” experiences. However, during the first section of childhood circumstances create a large number of “bad” experiences, to an extent that young children seem to have a predisposition to feeling “not ok”. Whether a child’s innate resilience will be enough to overcome this and

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Natural Child-ego I

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The natural child-ego is the essence of a child. It is a raw, wild and uninhibited bundle of emotion. The emotions range from curiosity to anger to joy. Interests are fleeting but can be deep when held. However, children are a stream of ideas and entities with a short attention span. Thus the child-ego and children in general naturally bounce from plaything to activity to novelty.

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The Role of Phantasy in developing Life Scripts II

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However, such a generated life script does not supplant an existing life script. They simply exist side-by-side. The mind can accommodate many different and contradictory beliefs simultaneously. The old life script will still be there although you may be less aware of it. And any self-defeating that the new script was designed to replace may persist.

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