Life Script Analysis, Winning vs Losing I

A life script analysis reviews whether a life script is a winner or a loser. A winning life script is expected to result in winning autonomy-freedom-contentment. A losing life script is expected to result in losing to addiction-illness-contempt-loneliness.

Winning life scripts

•    Finish high school. Enter trade school. Marry high school sweetheart. Get a job in a skilled trade or union. Have several children. Live in a blue collar neighborhood. Retire in your 50s or 60s.

•    Go to college. Complete a degree. Get a job. Marry college sweetheart. Get a job with a large corporation, non-profit or start your own business. Live in a middle class neighborhood. Work for several companies while moving up the corporate ladder or earn seniority with one firm. Retire after 25 to 35 years.

•    Go to an elite college. Earn an MBA or doctorate. Work for a large family owned business or in an elite profession such as law or medicine. Live in an upper class neighborhood.

•    Join the military out of high school or college. Serve honorably. Complete technical credentials and go to work in a high skill trade after service. Or complete a college degree while in the military and then work in business after attending college. Or serve in the military until retirement age and retire with honor and a military pension.

•    Start a small business right out of high school or college. The small business builds up a part time low-end job into a full fledged business. For example, a dog sitting teenager becomes a manager hiring other dog-sitters or selling pet products. A young man mowing lawns becomes the owner of a landscaping business, performing work from tree trimming to installing irrigation. The person becomes a respected business owner.

(For Life Scripts that reflect losing please see part 2 in this section)