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Self-Coaching, Transaction Analysis

Child - Ego Analysis - Sexual Identity II

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It was Immanuel Kant who proposed that taboos, and thus personality and identity, could be liberated by Aufklarung, or "Enlightenment". Kant would argue that taboos are nothing more than self-imposed immaturity, resulting not first from a lack of cognitive abilities or understanding, but from a lack of the moral courage to exercise one's own thinking, reason, and wisdom independently from the influence of others.

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Child Ego and Its Kinds

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Child ego as explained by Berne in his theory of transactional analysis includes two main kinds of ego, the natural ego or the natural Child and the adapted ego or the adapted Child. The natural Child is the cheerful, impulsive, carefree and imaginative kid who has had a childhood which allowed him to practice these qualities and hence built a full-fledged personality of his Child which resurfaces every now and then from many different motivational sources even after he has grown up.

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An Overview of Child Ego

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One of the most important states of the ego as illustrated by Eric Berne is the Child ego state. It is much like Freud’s id in principle but as Bernie deals with the subject of transaction analysis so his definition of ego states is more socio-cognitive than individualistic or subconscious in nature.

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Structuring Time - Sleep and Work

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We only have so much time in a life time. Time structuring can improve our efficiency in using the time we have and the quality of our time with others.

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Six Ways to structure Time

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The six ways are: Withdrawal, Ritual, Pastime, Activities, Games and Rackets, Intimacy.

These six ways are classified so, in accordance with the stroke strength with which they are generated. Berne has classified them in the above order exactly for this reason. Thus Intimacy and Games are the kinds with more intense strokes to them than the four earlier classifications of time structuring,

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