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Cross-Cultural Skills

Value Creation in Organizations

Creating values in organization introduction:

Each and every business organization has certain ethics in they business. The value of the organization totally depends on the service provided by them to their customers.

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What Cultural Conditions Necessary for Patronage?

Understanding Factors That Affect Cross Cultural Operations

Knowing what cultural conditions necessary for patronage is an effective deterrent in preventing a patronage relationship within a certain organization as this link creates opportunity for corruption. In an organization which operates globally, various cultures merge to meet various targets and objectives.

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Stereotypes - Dangers and Boons

Stereotypes hold a peculiar place in our society.  The word has particularly negative connotations to most people.  Stereotypes are based on the 'normal' or 'most easily observed' characteristics.

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Understanding the Meaning of Power Distance in Organisations

When dealing with cross-cultural management, one should be very much aware of the differences that exist between one’s own country and the other. No matter how small the distance in between the two countries is, there will always be some sort of disagreement when it comes to how people live, think or perceive specific situations or relationships.

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Attitudes, Beliefs, Values

Organizations need to maintain a remarkable structure through effecting the right organizational attitudes, beliefs and values that will be vital in the achievement of set goals and targets. An Organization that seeks to explore an environment where the operations are based on an effective organizational culture stands to gain in the long run since the employees’ tasks are guided.

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