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Cross-Cultural Skills

Strong vs Weak organizational Cultures

Organizational culture in a smaller scale refers to the basic values, beliefs and the thought process of a set of people/groups within an organization. It also symbolizes the functioning and behavior of the organization itself on a broader perspective.

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Gemeint ist nicht gleich Gesagt

Jede separate Kultur hat wahrscheinlich ihre charakteristische stereotype Blickwinkel im Hinblick auf der perfekten Art und Weise von Informationsaustausch. Befinden sich mithin alle Kommunikationsteilnehmer in ein und derselben Kultur, so treten aus kultureller Anschauungsweise in der Regel wenige Fragestellunge auf. Komplexitäten in der Kommunikation ergeben sich

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How to deal with Stereotypes

Stereotype can be defined as an opinion formed and shared by group of people to identify and describe others as different from them. A stereotype can be used as single word, multiple words or images to identify a group of people or a community.

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Cross Cultural Management Skills in Global Business Environments

Cross Cultural Management Skills: How Culture is Acquired and Learned in Global Business Environment

Recent globalization of business has engendered an increased complexity in the role of a manager. To be an effective global manager, one needs to be responsive to major fundamental cultural values that exhibit implications for organizational functioning and business relations.

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National and Organizational Culture

Understanding the Influence of National and Organization Culture on the Adoption of Cross Cultural Management Skills

With the advent of globalization, cultural influences in organizational processes and practices have become an important element that needs to be learned by a global manager to acquire cross cultural management skills.

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