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In Wednesday night's State of the Union address, President Obama laid out bold proposals to fight for the middle class and create new, high-paying jobs.

In the next few days, members of Congress will be trying to gauge their constituents' reaction to decide whether to fight alongside the President or line up in opposition. And all it takes to make sure they stand with the President and with the people is a short, personal note from you with your honest reaction to the President's proposal.

We know that one of the first places members of Congress look is the "letters" page in their local newspapers back home. Can you write a quick letter to the editor explaining the President's plan -- and why it matters to you? Click here to get started.

Write a letter

Writing a letter to the editor with our tool is simple and easy -- and it's a great way to be heard by your senators and representatives. The best letters are quick and personal and explain how the President's plan will impact your life.

Here are a few highlights of the President's plan that you can include in your letter:

- Innovation and investments to create jobs and spur growth: New investments to rebuild the country's infrastructure and update it with new projects like high-speed railroads and comprehensive energy and climate reform with incentives that will help make the production of clean energy more profitable and job-producing.

- Historic help for small businesses: $30 billion to community banks to increase lending to small businesses, tax credits for more than one million small businesses who hire new workers or raise wages, and an end to capital gains taxes for small businesses.

- A foundation for sustained prosperity: New reforms to curb the reckless practices by the big banks which put our entire financial system at risk, new aid for students to help educate the work force of tomorrow, and real health care reform that reins in out-of-control costs that are squeezing our families and businesses.

We need to get this message out -- and we need to do it quickly. Can you spare 5 minutes to help today?


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