Achieve Success by Setting Goals and Dividing it into Tiny Chunks

A big project can be daunting if we do not compartmentalize the work into tiny chunks. Much like our goals in life, goals in work can be effective, if we slice it into manageable tasks. Goal setting is the best way you can get things done.

There are scientific systems out there like David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) system that can help people manage data and help them get things done and avoid procrastination. For now, let us focus on goal setting and how we can finish tasks with it.

When we set goals, we are immediately set into action. It is a psychological reaction when we set our minds to perform well and finish a certain task. Yet, that alone is not enough to combat procrastination. Needless to say, procrastination is part of our fears. We fear that we can't do a certain task or we fear that a task is just too hard for us. This is where we can split tasks into manageable chunks in our goal setting system.

You can get a notebook or windows notepad. Write down your ultimate goal in your work. Lastly, slice up your tasks and work on the easiest ones first. For example, in sports, particularly basketball, when the other team is up by 20 points at the half the basic mentality of a team is to score a bunch of baskets to catch up - that is the ultimate goal. But the better way to catch up is to slice tasks into tiny chunks. So a good coach will tell his team to:

(1.) play defense

(2.) force some turn overs

(3.) move the ball around in offense

(4.) execute practiced plays.

In other words, take it one defensive stop at a time, and one basket at a time.

In work, you can do this too. If you are a writer and you are bothered by procrastination, then: (1.) free write in a notebook or notepad (2.) make an outline of the essay or novel you are writing. (3.) research your topic and put it into writing. Eventually you will be able to write again. Take it one word at a time, one paragraph at a time, or one page at a time.

Remember, a big project can be very foreboding. However, you can start doing small tasks that will eventually lead to your ultimate goal.