Meine Buchempfehlung

Time Management, Fatigue and Recuperation

Life today is a whirlwind of committments. Pressures at the workplace, deadlines to follow, presentations to

take and the like have made it extremely important to manage one's time. Rational and organised usage of time reduces fatigue and keeps you focussed on the job.

Time management, essentially is a conscious and judicious use of time. Being able to manipulate time in accordance to one's needs and requirements increases both productivity and efficiency. To achieve this the following guidelines may help.


When you know it's hectic out there make a task list for yourself, clearly indicating the tasks to do. Allocate time to each task and then just follow it ruthlessly. Goals would become achievable and you will be able to save time for yourself to take a break and recuperate!


This is significant tool in managing time. Be clear about what work to give whom. Be aware of people's skills and positive traits and distribute work accordingly. This way your targets would be met in time and the job would be done well too.


Work out an order for your tasks in relation to their importance and follow it. You'll be able to deliver right work at the right time.
It has been observed that in the cycle of work fatigue does set in at times. One might feel physically and mentally stressed out. The job could get monotonous or one's back may feel stiff due to long hours before the computer.

This is an indication by your body to find time to unwind and unplug for a while. One must identify such a situation and not ignore it for it reduces one's focus and productivity. Here's where time management comes handy. Taking time to recuperate by indulging in one's hobbies or meditating is beneficial.
So next time you feel that overload and know what to do with your time! Manage it well.