5 popular reading techniques

Whether its reading the requirements from your boss, or reading some online movie review, or some technical blog, or some article about a gadget, or the news bulletin that you read periodically, all of us do reading in some for or the other. Let have a look

at some popular reading techniques.

1) Preview the whole page first

This technique involves skimming and trimming the page, in such a way that you can read through the page fairly fast and get an overview of the page before reading the full text. Getting the gist of the page, reading the main idea and keywords, can help you in case of reading in those circumstances when you are reading something that you are not interested in reading, such as subjects that don't appeal to you.

2) Question while you read

Its an effective and active form of reading, where you question the text to be read while you are reading it. For this form of reading, you need to be clear about the purpose of reading. You need to critically break down the material in deeper details, note down questions, look for connections with other things that you know and it can help you in reading for exams, where you need to be very aware and active while reading.

3) Keep taking notes

It helps you in not only keeping yourself attentive while you are reading, but also helps in analyzing the asumptions and strategies of the writer, while preparing the summary of the material.

4) Summarize what you read

You need to collate your notes while recording the main points author has made. Summarizing allows you to make sure that the understanding of the material you have been reading is what it is suppose to be. In other words, it helps you uncover difficulties, which you wouldn't have faced otherwise.

5) Review and reflect

If you don't revise what you have read and understood, you may not be able to remember the same again. It is sometimes very important that you reflect on what you have read, also helps you in remembering the same for a longer period of time.