Developing Goals

Development of goals, whether long or short term, is a focused way of showing the future expectations of an organization and the specific organizational targets that need to be achieved within a specific time. Indeed, development of goals

in an organization will create a standard on which divergence from them can be assessed.

Goals need to be Systematic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound. Developing goals needs to be backed by a strategic plan on how to achieve the goals; otherwise the set goals are as good as unachievable. Management needs to communicate these goals to the employees through out the organization as they will take a very active role in working to achieve these set goals.

Organizational Direction is the overall course or track that the organization takes so as attain objectives and targets set at a prior date. The direction an organization takes should be guided by effective policies and procedures that will keep the organization on the track to successfully achieve its long or short term goals.

Management should be proactive in effecting necessary guidelines that will motivate employees in staying focused to their tasks and prioritizing the organizational interests. It’s vital that the organization has the same direction, not marked by conflicts and work dilemmas.

Any organization works within certain environmental factors that shape the way it operates. Among these environmental factors include political, economic, social, technological, legal and geographical factors that the organization should actively attempt to consider in their operations because environmental factors tend to have a macro effect on organizations.

Environmental factors encompass the organization existence and therefore management should strive to steadfastly adjust to them. This calls for the organization to strategically position itself to deal with these factors as they affect the whole industry, but the way each organization handles environmental factors,  will determine how successful it will be.