An Excercise to Inner Conflicts

One thing everybody has to deal with is conflict. Often interpersonal but even more frequently inner conflict and of course scheduling conflicts and needs conflicts - the list goes on and on. Conflicts may arrive at any time.

The conflicts are just markers that choices need to be made.maybe a choice between different options but often a choice about whether to continue a relationship or a planned action.

Handling conflicts well is a sign of emotional maturity.  It is a sign you are outgrowing childish beliefs when you realize that you are at least half responsible for conflicts. If you're having a problem with someone, it may well be reflecting your own attitude. or you may be picking up someone else's attitude and responding. We humans are very sensitive to such things, often without even realizing it!

Conflict may be in our minds as well - it is only a conflict if we see it as such - otherwise we could regard it as a timely warning. reacting badly to conflict is often because we see ourselves as victims in some way. and victim-consciousness is a learned attitude - we learnt it as babies when we felt ourselves to be helpless victims totally dependent on another's goodwill and at the mercy of their whim. this condition persisted long enough to make this attitude a habit.

But you are no longer a baby if you are reading this. See conflict as a good thing, warning of the need to choose or to change and regard the options available in a situation with an open mind. Make choices rationally and accept the need for possible changes.

As in so many things in life, the questions and answers lie within you. It is up to you to handle the opportunities of conflict well - your success in life may depend on it. we will always meet conflicts of one kind or another - our success depends on how well we handle ourselves and therefore the conflicts.





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