Conflicts at workplace - Fight or Flee?

What do I do when I come across conflicts at workplace? How do I handle it? Its only natural to get these questions in your head when you are working in a group or a team. Here's looking into the anatomy of conflict with tips on what to do in such situations.

Conflicts arise everywhere. It need not be just outside, between you and your co-worker, but it might also arise within yourself. For example you know of a colleague (with links to the top) who is doing immoral work related deals. Do you report him or not?

Keeping a clear head comes a long way in giving direction to your thought process and guides you to do the right thing. For example, when you're clear in your mind, you don't stand there thinking whether to choose between walking through the door or through the wall. Because you know that you "have to" walk through the wall! All situations are somewhat similar.

Conflicts often leave, your mind fogged and, you confused. What you need to do at such situations is to take a look at the conflict situation from a broader angle. Conflicts between different people arise due to differences in opinions. So you need to analyse how the difference of opinion come into play in the first place. Then explain to them, in polite tones, the reasoning behind your argument.

The key point here is to be peaceful from within and then fight! Fleeing will only increase conflict. Remember - what you resist - persists! Your inability to take a stand may be labelled as cowardice. You could even be labelled guilty without any fault of yours at all. But before you do, try to fit into the other person's shoe. Try and understand what makes. Better even - ask them!

So, Yes. Face the conflict head on! You be clear on your stand and what your logic behind it is. But at the same time, respect the other's viewpoint too.