Choosing a Conflict Strategy

Below are five strategies that can be used to resolve conflict.


When you opt to use this strategy, it will result in not being able to have a realistic dialogue because of buildup of emotions about the problem.The postpone strategy should only be used if you lack the necessary information or if there is a possibility of the problem resolving itself over time.

However, if you deem that there is no way that your worry will not be satisfied, you can stay away from the issue.This strategy includes discontinuing a dialogue till further notice. Here, you can apply the other four strategies to sort out the issue and be in agreement.

However, if used many times, people will think you are escaping or shunning the conflict. Furthermore if it takes time to resolve the issue, it can become a bigger problem.


This strategy is used when it is necessary to sort out the issue in a planned manner. The enforcer strategy doing all you can and endorse a position that cannot be negotiated and doing.

Most of the times, it is directed by a decision made by the executive or anyone who has strong feelings about the stated viewpoint and will not back down.

The downside of this strategy if used many times is people will not air their views if different from executive because they are afraid. If the strategy is not used, it will show a lack of confidence.


The accommodate strategy as the name suggests, it is where you entertain another person’s ideas or wishes. Because of a longstanding relationship that you want to keep, you may give in to another person’s views.

Only use the accommodate strategy if there is an expert in the said matter and has more knowledge than you, or when the party concerned has powerful claim and it is unimportant to you. Furthermore, this strategy assists in show of understanding allowing different desires from different people.However using this strategy may times may make you seem soft or lack judgment.

If it is not used, you may appear to lack logic because you don’t make room for other people’s viewpoints.


The compromise strategy is also known as splitting the difference. It is whereby the parties involved come into agreement on small adjustments to sort out their issues.

The positive effect of this strategy’s outcomes is that none of the parties feels overpowered. However if you use too much compromise, a good answer can be undermined.


This strategy involves the said parties coming together to build and analyze new concepts. Both parties have control and work together of the decision.This strategy is best used if you want a win/win situation.Everyone is allowed to air their views, work through their concerns and working towards a good solution.

Use this strategy when you want different opinions. The downside is that it can be time waster and if the parties involved are not open minded or lack good communication skills. It can also not be used if the matter is urgent or too complex. If it is not used, there is a chance of people not being committed to the final decision.