Meine Buchempfehlung

Conflicts through Personalities

Every organization has different set of people working for it. These people have different personalities

and somehow conflicts through personalities arise in between them which need to be checked in time to ensure smooth functioning of the organizational system. These different kinds of people are to be treated differently in order to resolve or avoid these conflicts through personalities.

Every organization has more or less five kinds of employees i.e. competing, compromising, collaborating, avoiding and accommodating. Each kind deserves to be treated differently and has different set of qualities. The competing kind likes to be the central authority in a task and in-charge if the discipline.

They have a strict adherence to goals which exudes internal confidence and creates a following of faith as they believe that there can only be one boss.
The compromising kind is articulate, highly perceptive and well organized in process skills.

They create an atmosphere of trust which leads to accomplishment of task without any hiccup. They believe that outcomes need to occur with fairness. Third one is the collaborating kind. They are team oriented, creative and self-starters. They do need recognition for their contribution as they believe that there is enough for everyone in this world.

Next is the avoiding kind of employees. They tend to avoid conflicts through personalities and can work as a support staff to the competing kind. They understand their responsibilities and are very reliable. They are very loyal to the organization and the task given to them.

Their motto is that ‘I just want to do my Job’. Last kind of employees is the accommodating one. They are good at creating trust and encouraging dialogue, they have good assessment skills and their work style is to deliver value to others without concern about personal needs as believe in the fact that participation from everyone creates success.