Meine Buchempfehlung

Implementation and Control of Decisions

Few people in the world are god-gifted as they can perform miracles like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Implementation and control of decisions are god-gifted abilities as well. Conflicts can be devastating for a person, organization or even a country and to have the ability of implementation and control of decisions really is an important aspect of one’s personality.

One might have these god-gifted abilities to handle conflicts, if not then one can be mentored to have these abilities, though not as much effective as the natural ones, but at least which can be effective enough to resolve the conflicts for the time being.

As said before conflicts can be very dangerous, for an organization they can even prove to be fatal. A conflict when not resolved effectively and in time, results in wasted energy, reducing the results expected from the team. Prolonged conflicts in an organization lead to a much reduced efficiency, dissatisfaction, aggression and anxiety among the employees or the people involved and above all lead to time wastage.

The main thing is to have abilities of implementation and control of decisions in a better manner so that these effects are minimized in such a way that working environment in the organization is not adversely affected. This can only be done through some good and effective conflict management skills which involve knowing the ground realities and keeping in view all the basis of implementation and control of decisions.

Implementation and control of decisions also involve resolving conflicts in time and dealing with these conflicts in such a way that it enhances the team development and cohesion leading to a very smooth working relationship within the organization and this also facilitates any organization changes at any stage, if needed. This all happen when the conflict is effectively and timely resolved leaving no bad blood behind.