Weak Organizational Structures

A weak organizational culture on the other hand refers to a freestyle form. Here people are defined with their own individual values and beliefs which are loosely coupled with the organizational values and are different across different individuals.

Here people are motivated to think differently and bring in new ideas which can prove to be a great asset for any organization.

Key advantages of weak organizational culture:

• This is the way to be, for innovation. If you have great thinkers and not necessarily bound by a single style of thinking, huge advancements can be achieved at an organizational level.

• This style is also easy for different people from various cultural backgrounds to settle down quickly, as weak organizational culture does not demand too much of a change when it comes to individual values and beliefs.

• If the people in this kind of an organization can at least target to achieve the same organizational goal, then this team can do wonders in terms of planning a great future for the organization.

But then, this too has its own share of disadvantages

• People here sometimes become too individualistic. This can easily lead to conflicts.

• It becomes difficult to achieve the organizational goal, when there are too many people aligned to their own individual beliefs and values. The uniformity is lost.

• Communication can become a big challenge. Ego may play a role and this may lead to many difficult conversations.

• Meaningful conversations becoming very difficult, can still shun the company’s growth, even though it has plenty of innovation.

In Summary, it is very essential to find a middle way. An organizational culture needs to have its people coupled well with the core values and beliefs of the company, while giving enough room for individual thinking and innovation. It should also encourage a healthy mix of people from different cultures and background working together as one team,which can eventually take the company to new heights.