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A Reason to establish Analytic Psychocatharsis

Is this the secret of Sach Kand? It cannot be said by scientific research. Either we understand it as a condition of hypomania or it deals with what we do when, in psychoanalysis, we go back to birth and attempt to reconstruct the images of earliest experiences and use them for cognition?

We search for the reasons of our present existence in the darkness of earliest life, in the early era of first sensual perception.

We try to discover what Freud called the 'primal scene' and the 'trauma', the experience of and commitment to the closest connective tension of parental (male-paternal / maternal-female) relationship and earliest emotional injury. It is the case of archaeology of the soul, for which 'free association' as well as parts of dreams reveal the repressed maternal-SHINES / paternal-SPEAKS in order set it into reference with the present one, to inscribe it there. In the same way, the 'masters' meditative guidance is inscribed into the soul, in order to result in one single and stringent script of scopic and invocation desires. Such a depth is just not achieved often enough analytically.

A 'trauma' cannot be directly aimed at in analysis, since that would also be traumatic, while protection against such depths is given in Yoga through the extreme heights of Sach Kand (the disadvantage being, though, that nothing of the sorts of scientific statements can then be made).

Psychoanalysis is missing such a comprehensive theory on the scopic/invocation desires, on the female-SHINES and paternal-SPEAKS as well as on the two 'highborns', which we may allocate to the two drives mentioned above: art and religion. This is one of the reasons why we often do not achieve a final processing of the 'primal scene'. Of course, Freud wrote a lot about art and religion, but it had no bearing on practical clinical treatment of patients. People with strong religious faith were even considered to be not analyzable.

Transversely, Surat Shabd Yoga often has a lack of knowledge in that the entire 'astral-mental world' actually only is the burnish of a maternal-SHINES, of a seductive 'anima', such as C. G. Jung called these bad fairies and dominas. Instead of putting the SHINES - religions, such as Cosmo theism of old Egypt, opposite to the Jewish - Christian SPEAKS - religions and their echo- and reverberation-theism, and then creating a new access to the unconscious based thereupon, both (yoga and psychoanalysis) get stuck in their premises and cannot exceed. This is the main reason for me to establish "Analytic Psychocatharsis".


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