Meine Buchempfehlung

Aspects of Personal Growth

Personal Growth, a Life Transplant

It's easy to want to see results and changes in our lives. We look at movie stars and characters in magazines and on TV, and we want to look and be like them. We all have heroes that we're watching, whether for deep or superficial reasons. But much of the time we do not take into account what is required for personal growth.
Personal growth will not happen by simply wanting this or that. You can want to be thin, or want to be more organized all that you want, but all of the 'want' in the world will not make for growth.

Personal growth requires action, and a lot of it. It also requires a mindset of turning away from the way that you've been operating in the past. You have to be able to look at your history with whatever area it is that you're wanting to change, and realize that the way you've done things has not worked, and you have to start over to move forward.

With this mindset, you turn away from the way you've been doing things for so long. You have to truly make the conscious choice to leave behind the way you've been functioning. If it's eating, you can't expect to simply frequent all the same restaurants or grocery aisles. If it's drinking, you're gonna want to find a new way to wind down.

The key here is to find ways to replace what you've done before with a new way. This will promote growth. Eliminating the old habits to replace with something new. It's like when you transplant a seed from a tiny pot for sprouting into a giant pot for growing. This is what you'll be doing for your life. You're transplanting your life into deeper soil, so that you can spread out your roots and grow tall and strong.

Die meisten großen Taten, die meisten großen Gedanken haben einen belächelnswerten Anfang. - Albert Camus, französischer Schriftsteller , 1913 bis 1960

Wir können keine großen Taten vollbringen - nur kleine Taten mit großer Liebe - Mutter Teresa