Freedom of Will I

Freedom of will is the autonomous sovereignty that is possessed by human beings that guarantee them of choice of the actions and personal operations in their life. This independence is handed to human beings by nature and that makes them possess natural liberty to act to their own thoughts.

Freedom of will should not be affected by environmental factors and unnecessary emotional duress that might cause people to act in a manner that does not reflect personal preference of actions. Predefined roles are handed down to people by nature and it’s thought as innate and can not be eliminated by other humans as it’s nature-given.

There are many constraints that exist that prevent people from exercising free will and doing actions that are directed by their own thoughts and perceptions. These factors act as barriers to people having personal choice in the actions that they so choose to pursue. Some of the determinants and or constraints of free will include;

Knowledge: Peoples’ actions are limited by their familiarity about a certain issue and therefore this acts as an impediment to their effective free will to carrying out actions. Lack of knowledge means that the person does not have the sufficient factual information and awareness necessary to carry out a certain self-driven action.

Such people are psychologically unable to act in complete autonomy as their understanding of the subject is insufficient. The Ignorance exempts them from performing tasks and actions that exhibit personal freedom of will.

Knowledge is key to carrying out a particular action as this will guarantee that they possess the needed comprehension of the subject matter. For example, a bank cleaner will not perform complex banking services in an organization as they lack necessary comprehension of the matter and therefore can not possess freedom of will.

Their actions will ultimately lack responsibility in their execution. Nature, having handed people predefined roles, will eliminate responsibility on actions that have been carried without prior knowledge and awareness.