Where's Junior II

The antiscript in the adolescent or teenager can take one of two directions. The Child ego may be expressed particularly as the Rebellious Child in the antiscript stage of development. This expression of the Child ego would be marked by all the recognizable signs of defiance, rebellion, and extreme or anti-social "acting-out".

Or the Child ego may pursue the antiscript as a "trailblazer" or "Free Child". The trailblazer response to the life script has much more of the feel and flavor or experimentation or exploration. The trailblazer takes the injunctions and drivers of parents and the community of authority and deconstructs them, critiques them, and then puts them back together upside-down or inside-out or develops new messages altogether.

While the Rebellious Child causes parents and authority figures headaches and heartaches, the Free Child or Trailblazer may cause Mom and Dad to roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and chuckle, "what will they think of next?" The trailblazer may not be looked at so much as a rebel as a "goofball".

The Free Child or trailblazer may be much more likely to incorporate identities, experiences, and beliefs he or she gained during the period of exploration when the pendulum swings back from the antiscript to the life script. The life script may be rejected and replaced altogether when the antiscript chapter ends, but there is normally some return to the life script, if not in total.

Junior may be out there tonight, but he'll probably be back tomorrow. Boundaries are being pushed, limits tested, values and injunctions probed, and although the life script may be worse for the wear, it probably hasn't gone away.

(continued from part one in which the difference between antiscript and counterscript is explained as well as Junior's motivational basis for producing such)