Control vs. Regulation vs. System Control

Control is a mechanism that is put in place to guide and manage the operations of people, apparatus or devices. Indeed, control is a way to systematic

organize the manner in which a task is carried out and bring about the much needed information feedback to evaluate the actual and targeted performance.

Control can take the form of setting performance standards, actively using planning objectives so as to attain set goals am targets in the organization. Regulation ideally means to put in place guiding principles that state what is to be done and that which is not to be done. Regulation goes ahead to explain how a specific task is to be carried out. Regulation takes an official rule outlook, such as a force of law Government order.

This offers a code of conduct within any given industry failure to comply leads to prosecution by law. Regulation is fundamental to any industry since their operations are monitored and checked for its compliance. Regulation makes it possible for organizations to act within certain laid down rules and guidelines that highlight the accepted practices in a certain industry or sector of the economy.

System Control is proactively safeguarding how an established information processing mechanism works. Indeed, systems control involves all activities have to do with ensuring that these mechanisms are protected from destruction or manipulation that would ultimately lead to distortion of the information. System control is vital to any organization that is looking to have accurate information from its operations.

System control should be instituted in any organization set up so that all the relevant information is relayed in a manner that will lead to better policy formulation and consequently their implementation. An effective system control is marked by security checks and access identification that ensures that the system is not distorted maliciously; allowing only authorized persons in the organization to put in place necessary alterations and improvements.