Order, Development of Order And ConsequencesS

Order is the systematic way in which activities follow each other through setting guiding principles and instructions. Indeed, order has everything

to do with tagging along established instructions of carrying out any activity. This is intended to have laid down strategies and execution plan that is predetermined and this forms a standard on which actual performance can be measure against target performance.

Development of order is a vital aspect in any organization as it establishes an environment where goals and objectives can be achieved. Development of order is mandatory to any management as the employees are aware of what is expected of them and therefore work purposely to attain the tasks and goals that have been allocated to them. It should be any manager’s mandate to ensure that the organization adopts a good organizational culture, which will be a strong dais on which attainment of goals will be based.

Development of order is achieved through establishment of guidelines and policies that are well known through out the organization. Rules and regulations need to be issued to all employees during their hiring and periodically during their working days so that they, constantly, are aware that the organization’s interests are to be prioritized with much of opposition and rebellion.

Order patterns have had consequences in an organization that adopt them. On the good side, order patterns ensure employees the organization’s expectation are acknowledged and, to a remarkable extent, has offered a strong standard for discipline and organizational culture adoption which is invaluable in organizations.

Order patterns have had a negative impact on organizations since they are absolute and don’t offer situational changes avenues. This has made them be heavily opposed by employees and can cause employees turnover and resistance. Rigid patters of order can inhibit proper task execution and can be a source of demotivation among the organization staff. Managers should therefore make their core business to have order pattern that are dynamic.