Effects of Conflicts

Each and every aspect of practical life has negative or positive or both effects to it. So does the conflicts occurring in a working environment. Negative and positive effects of conflicts move along with the conflicts. No rocket science is needed to identify these negative and positive effects of conflicts. Some are explained below;

Among the positive effects of conflicts, one is that it improves the problem identification skills of the team involved in the conflict and that helps them in future to avoid that conflict and enjoy a better working relationship. Another positive effect it improves the solution generation of the team. It also enhances team development and cohesion leading to a very smooth working relationship within the organization and this also facilitates any organization changes at any stage, if needed. This all happen when the conflict is effectively and timely resolved leaving no bad blood behind.

Among the negative effects of the conflicts, one is that it wastes time of the team and the organization. A conflict when not resolved effectively and in time, results in wasted energy, reducing the results expected from the team. Prolonged conflicts in an organization lead to a much reduced efficiency, dissatisfaction, aggression and anxiety among the employees or the people involved.

As they say everything has two faces so do a conflict and these negative and positive effects of conflicts prove that saying true. The main thing in this aspect is how to handle these conflicts in a better manner so that the negative effects are minimized and the positive ones are maximized in such a way that working environment in the organization is not adversely affected. This can only be done through some good and effective conflict management skills which involve knowing the ground realities and keeping in view all the basis of negative and positive effects of conflicts.