Disturbances in Communication

The disturbances in communication are broad and vast; many different people have different troubles so there is no way of telling what your communication obstacles are. But some of them are girls/guys

have a difficult time talking to guys/girls about usual stuff that they go through every day because they like each other or have a crush or are together.

Sometimes the distance between families can be difficult to overcome when the only communication is by phone or letters. It is easy to put off calling or writing a letter.

Sometimes our careers get in the way of everything, including communication in a relationship. It can be hard to reprioritize time so that our work does not get in the way of communication with the other family. Things happen with other family members that slow down communication.

It can be something like getting a child ready to go to college or a sick child at home. There are all kinds of things that can come up with other family members. Communication can be very tricky in times of emotional agony for a family.

There are many disturbances in communication; these are just a few. So how do we overcome these obstacles? There are many ways to do that, some so uncomplicated that we don’t even think about it. Lack of communication with staff is not exclusively due to need of spoken conversation.

For example, not presenting response, informing staffs of decisions and proceedings that will influence their roles or failure to appropriately commune expectations are all ways in which information can be withheld from staff. This will ultimately effect in a divided staff base that feels alienated from organization.

Disturbances in communication in all its forms are damaging. Organizations and managers must be conscious of how, what and to whom they are communicating.