Unexamined Life, Socrates and Self-Reflection

The Unexamined LIfe - Thoughts on Self-Reflection

There's an old quote by Socrates that goes like this: "An unexamined life is not a life worth living." Many would agree. But yet, many still go through day after day without a clue of who they really are, or why they do the things that they do. The self-reflective are few and far between.
But self-reflection is a key to personal growth. It's absolutely imperative. But the question rises of how? To what end are we reflecting on ourselves?

Here's a couple of thoughts to dwell upon. Much of our day to day vices, such as TV, alcohol, drugs, over-eating, indulgence in self-destructive behavior and many other detrimental behaviors more, are a result of a lack of self-reflection. You see, reflection requires the environmental noise, or cacophony, and constant entertainment to stop. Reflection requires that you get alone with yourself, and really face yourself.

This can be terrifying for some. There are few who actually like what they see when they're alone with their thoughts and character in the dark. Be brave, however, and take the plunge into who you really are.

For a challenge, take the time throughout your day to day activities to ask yourself a few questions. Before each action, examine it. Blandly speaking, before you buy that item, ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? Do I really need this?"

Many times we find that we have no clue why we actually do the things we do. We are simply going from one urge to the next, a reactionary mess, draining money from our pockets and time from our hearts. It's a painful realization, but most actually find that it's a liberating realization.

Self-reflection breeds freedom. It gives you the opportunity to act on purpose, to speak on purpose. Self-reflection can give you the chance to truly live, and not simply be reacting and moving out of habit. Compulsive actions are often the first to be exposed, and hopefully, the first to go.