The Power of Positivity

Time is money, every second counts and so on.  It's very very easy to create a culture where the only thing that matters is results and that is entirely driven by success.  In that business any hint of failure or problems is seen as a huge issue.

It takes a brave organization to get passed this.

An organization that embraces and values positive organizational cultures will see some good benefits.  I will explain briefly what I mean by a positive culture - I mean having an outlook that looks at the success' and focus' on them.  That praises when things are achieved successfully and doesn't focus on things that aren't 100% correct.  Obviously things that go majorly wrong are worth investigating, and can't be ignored, but getting rid of that blame and negativity will create a much more positive, productive environment.

Usually things that we associate with negativity have already gone wrong, it's happened - the important thing is to move on and prevent such mistakes happening again in the future. 

Why does this help my business?  Mistakes often only happen once, the person usually knows they have made a mistake (or if they don't will when told) and will feel bad about it.  Generally it doesn't keep happening (or it is a systemic problem), and so blaming them for it will only make them feel bad about themselves and hece less productive.

Encouraging positive values in a workplace will mean that people feel positive and work harder, without consant fear of tripping up and making mistakes, spending more time on goiong over their work than completing it.  A positive organization is also more likely to retain its staff.  They will feel a loyalty to the company rather than bitter at the response they have had to mistakes they undoubtedly didn't mean to make. 

I am not saying here that errors don't need to be investigated but done in a positive way ("How can we help you not make that mistake again") is much more liekly to receive a better outcome next time than a blame culture of negativity.