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Cogito - Descartes

Cogito ergo sum.

Rene Descartes


Interrogative - and Procedural Knowledge

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Interrogative knowledge and procedural knowledge are key to unlocking a gread deal of pathways to learning. Asserting knowledge comprises of information from the external world that makes it achievable for someone to discover, explicate and discourse.

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Five Senses for Learning

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Learning is a category of adjustment. The most successful instructor will certify, however, that the capacity to vary varies by individual. The five senses play a purpose in causing how much data a person acquires.

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Are You Suffering From Burnout Syndrome?

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We are all familiar with the symptoms of feeling stressed, given the seemingly endless demands of our fast-paced lives, but are you familiar with burnout syndrome? Unlike stress, which usually makes you hyperactive as you run around in circles, trying to empty your inbox for the day, burnout is the end result from continual stressors - you begin to lack motivation and detach from your normal responsibilities. You lose your energy and drive to perform your daily duties.

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Learning - Workplace Training

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A scholarly look at workplace training, adult beginners, and the most effective instruments for the transfer and assimilation of knowledge. By shifting the focal point from the content to be learned to the requisites of the learners, the instructor can hone the transfer of knowledge.

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The Three Elements of Motivation

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Motivation to learn is altered by three elements: virtue, confidence, and mood. Placing more benefit on learning something makes a person more motivated in the schoolroom. High confidence in learning interprets into higher motivation. A supportive learning environment lifts everyone's mood and makes attendees willing to learn.

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